• Rock’n Beau POPSTAR Academy

Build Confidence.
Be Yourself.
Live the Dream.
It’s Time to ROCK out!

An Interactive Program that focuses on building self-confidence through Fashion, Dance, Singing and Personality Building.

In 8 weeks time we learn dance chorography, balance, story building, positive cheers, fashion accessory making, acting and theatrical production. Each week we learn something new! On the 8th week we put on a special workshop production and the POPSTARS get to showcase their talent!

POPSTAR ACADEMY was founded by Rachel Beau in 2010 and has had 12 successful sessions to date. Join us for a super cool & FUN experience!

NOTE: Popstar Academy is a non-competitive program and we encourage  both boys and girls ages 6-12 years to participate. No dancing, acting or performance experience is necessary. The primary focus is to learn, build self esteem, encourage physical activity and give kids the opportunity to express themselves through dance and create while enjoying their favorite songs from their favorite POP ICONS.